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Random post [as they always are] - Diesel Hamasaki
Random post [as they always are]
Good day, everyone.

I know my LJ is pretty much abandoned, and I'm HORRIBLE at actually reading peoples LJ posts. I apologize that I have drifted.

But as for me, some updates:

I'm taking driving lessons, and should have my license within the next month or so.

I'm working with Gaslight Studios these days. There's no pay in it quite yet, but we've got several projects going, including a 'shooter' style game in the vein of Smash TV [for those of you that remember it], and several iPhone applications [Still not a big iFan, but I digress].

The 'shooter' game is Jimbo and Skeeter vs the Apocalypse. For now, the website is just a front 'teaser' page, but there will be more there, down the line!

As that there's no money in it, currently, I'm job hunting like CRAZY. I never actually posted about it at the time, but my previous employer fired me two days before Christmas. Great people, eh?

So, in summary: My time is currently going toward spending time with Amanda, working with Gaslight Studios, doing driving lessons, looking for a job. The rest is being burned on Plurk [join here!] and Twitter [Tweet to me here!], whee! :D

I don't know how many people actually still read my posts, but if you're still out there, and there's stuff you want to tell me about, tell me all about it!

This is the point that I'd say 'I'll post more from now, promise!' but... I can't promise that. I *can* promise I'll post a little more frequently than 'once every three months'. Sound fair?

~ Bry

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